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Logisch Consulting Group is an international digital marketing consultancy that specialises in utilising a range of digital assets to aid and improve the business performance of companies and organisations. We specialize in bringing researched based data driven consulting services and industry “best practices” usually only available to Fortune 500 companies to SMEs, startups and NGOs. Logisch is split into five distinct divisions. 



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We offer our clients a variety of consulting and digital marketing services

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The dark side of the Internet: Adventures in the underworld

Everyone is familiar with the World Wide Web, invented at CERN and which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Most people, however, don’t realize there is actually an Internet beyond what you can normally ’see’, kind of like dark matter. This internet or “darknet” lies just outside of our perception, hidden beneath the sea of information. Just what is it? And how can you access it?

Deepak Mathews, the founder of the innovative digital marketing company Logisch Consulting, takes you on a compelling journey into the dark side of the internet. An SEO expert and backlink builder, he shares his experiences and adventures navigating the colossal underbelly of the internet home to hackers, political activists and drug dealers. Even if you don’t plan on buying a rocket launcher, hiring an assassin or obtaining a fake Romanian passport you will find this talk compelling and interesting.

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